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Unprofessional Bank Negara Malaysia on Facebook

Bank Negara Malaysia on Facebook block me after I do pressure them for replying my message on their FB messenger.

This is regarding i do filed a complaint on merchant that imposed a minimum credit card payment on 8 April 2018.

My messages to them as below:

Bank Negara ask us as a consumer to report the merchant whose set the minimum credit card payment. The thing is after we report, the case turnover, ask us to report to the other parties.

As i know, Bank Negara should have the power to overcome such unlawful merchant by either warning them verbally nor by official letter or email.

What for i have to go through Bank Negara when ask the consumer to settle themselves with other parties?
Bank Negara shouldn’t published the statement (pictures attached) by seeking public help and awareness to report it since it’s so inconvenience to the consumer after file a report.

No wonder nowadays most of the merchant just ignore the Bank Negara notice since no legal action taken by the relevant department against them even though running the unlawful activities.

I do hope the Bank Negara will take sometime to look into this case seriously so that the merchant will be more careful and aware of it.


How can the Bank Negara Malaysia that represent Malaysia doing such unprofessional and idiot stuff by simply block people to closed the case. I really can’t accept it.

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I will fight over this case even though bring this case to authorities.


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