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Worst Ticketing System at Shah Alam Bus Terminal Seksyen 17

Shah Alam Bus Terminal Seksyen 17

New Terminal 17 Shah Alam were opened to public on 1 May 2019.. It’s meant that almost two months the terminal had being used.. However, the first issue during first opening was how incompetent the management are.. Up to now, I believed the issue was still not resolved.. As a user, I don’t think there is any improvement from my last trip.. There are 4 ticket counters and else are for boarding pass counter..

My issue is, all ticket counter being change to boarding pass counter for online user.. Dalam banyak-banyak kaunter, only two are open for boarding pass and two for ticket counter.. First, I need to change counter.. menjadikan 1 kaunter tiket, 3 for online user… It’s fine.. But, suddenly they change all the counter for online user… WTH? Changing queue makes me to queue back to be the last person.. When it came to my turn.. they asked me to go to the back untuk “bagi laluan” for online user..

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I try to respect their staff.. back off and bagi laluan.. then when it comes to my turn, One of their staff suddenly tarik another online user tuk dpatkan tiket dlu.. and it take 5minute for that.. Don’t you pissed off? Almost 45minutes untuk beratur sahaja.. Dua bulan operate.. takkan takde improvement langsung?

BACA:  Penguatkuasaan Terhadap Kenderaan Berat Pada Waktu Puncak

Recommendation: Please letak QR code siap2 for online user.. so they don’t need to queue for their boarding pass.. jimat pom jimat.. because they can self print the ticket.. Please help.. because I used the terminal frequently.. I can’t tolerate it anymore.. It piss me off.. I just don’t want to be rude to anyone..

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