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Citylink Express, 1 Minggu Masih Tiada Berita

I was informed by the sender of my parcel that the parcel was collected from them on Friday, 6th July 2018.

On 10th July 2018, I checked the tracking number but the only update is the parcel was collected at Dataran Citylink, BSP.

On 11th July 2018, I asked the seller who confirmed that the parcel was collected and it was strange that there was no update. She called Citylink for an update and told me that she will inform me of any update, if any.

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On 12th July 2018, I still have not heard a thing so I called and I was told of the same thing – Citylink will check.

It has been almost a week and for a courier company to have this kind of services is unacceptable!

I am so disappointed because I opted for courier service on the pretext that I will receive my parcel early. Unfortunately, up until this moment, I am still waiting with uncertainty.

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