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China Ladies Without Permit Are Giving Messages and Destroying Families


China Ladies Without Permit

There has been a number of people around Kenari, Puchong that has been talking about this place in the photo recently. It is said to be a message centre. I, at first thought the same and believed it to be as it is.

However, things were different when I saw one of the girls in the photo. By her accent, I am certain that she was from China. Further, what kind of message centre doesn’t have a banner or a sign.

China Ladies Without Permit

I didn’t even know that it exists before I heard the rumours. But a more shocking thing was that recently when I was grabbing dinner there was a commotion that happened nearby with a women jumping out of the car and almost banging a man’s car. From far behind the crowd, I saw that the woman was scolding the man in the car and it turns out that the man was with one of the girls of that centre doing ungrateful things.

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And judging by the women’s anger I was certain that she was the man’s legal wife. After witnessing this scene I can’t help but ask why are China ladies in Malaysia and destroying families. I legit saw their child holding a pillow and crying next to the car and I was outraged. I am for sure that Malaysia doesn’t give China residences a working permit.

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China Ladies Without Permit

As a legal Malaysian, I would like to request at least some investigation to be done by the immigration. With hope, please investigate this place to make sure there are no illegal workers in Malaysia and hope that no more families would be destroyed. Please give your support and help. Thank You.

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